As part of our 50th year celebrations, we’re pleased to introduce Petrarch Planx

To celebrate 50 years of our reconstituted stone rainscreen, Petrarch, we’re pleased to reveal we’ve added a brand new product to our portfolio. 

Actually revealed earlier in the month by our esteemed partners CFS Nederland BV , Petrarch Planx is a super-light, super-slim (7mm) and sleek panel which offers a high-end contemporary aesthetic regardless of your sector.

In this recent leisure centre application, Het Baken in Zeewolde, you can see how these slim Petrarch Planx complement the vibrant contemporary facade perfectly.

Petrarch Planx is a slimmer, lightweight version of our Petrarch panels. A great way of maximising production off-cuts, Planx, are part of our plan for a more ecological and sustainable future.

Project Image – Sports Complex, Netherlands

Architect: Slangen + Koenis Architecten

Petrarch Planx: Colors #1137, #1137A, #1137B Smooth Matt

Contractor: 3ACP bv

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