Oyster River School

Architect: Lavellee Brensinger Architects
General Contractor: Bauen Corporation
Installer: Exterior Designs
Petrarch Representative: Shannon Corporation
Solar Power: ReVision Energy


Petrarch Panel enrobed Oyster River School Set for LEED Gold Certification

We’re thrilled to present this recent Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen panel project, courtesy of our US partners Omnis.

The new Oyster River Middle School in New Hampshire is the largest energy-self-sustaining school in the state. Designed to meet Net-Positive Energy criteria with on-site renewable energy technologies: a 70-borehole geothermal heating/cooling system; and photovoltaic arrays to produce electricity and hot water, it is very much a next generation build.
Thanks to its net-positive construction ethos, the building is currently on track to generate 120% more energy than it uses. The school expects to see massive estimated energy savings of $2 million over 20 years. What’s more this flagship Petrarch projects is anticipated to achieve LEED Gold certification thanks to its sustainability.

Petrarch reconstituted stone rainscreen was chosen for its high resistance, durability, non combustible design and intrinsic sustainable features.