Holiday Inn Express, Southwark

London hotel architects Dexter Moren Associates worked with IHG & 4C Hotel Group to develop a fully accessible 48-bedroom extension to the Holiday Inn Express Southwark. Project Leader Ed Murray worked in close collaboration with accessibility consultants David Bonnett Associates to develop an unprecedented Inclusive Hotel design.

Conceived in mid-2011 prior to the London 2012 Paralympics, the project looks to push the boundaries on accessible and inclusive design.

In addition, the firm introduced a number of systems to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, such as the rainwater harvesting system which provides water for the toilet flushing and irrigation to the green/living wall on the rear external elevation and the roof has an array of photovoltaic cells. Via Dexter Moren Associates

Location: Southwark, London, UK
Architects: Dexter Moren Associates
Contractor: Vascroft Contractors
Installer: H&H Architectural Systems
Cladding: Petrarch reconstituted stone –  Dorset / Smooth Matt