APS presents Collegelands – an extensive and ambitious education sector project.

Architectural Panel Solutions is pleased to reveal ‘Collegelands’. One of the most ambitious and extensive regeneration projects to date in Scotland, this contemporary student accommodation boasts almost 3000 m² of Swisspearl fibre cement panels in a striking coral shade.

The Vision 

With so many vying demands to fulfil, it’s never easy selecting and specifying products for education sector builds. Finding a material which meets exacting requirements, from price point and durability, through to versatility and not forgetting all-important aesthetics. 

It’s precisely for these reasons that the architect and developer (Anderson Bell + Christie & Robertson Group) looked to Swisspearl. As one of Europe’s facade specialists and leaders in coloration technology, Swisspearl’s competitively priced fibre cement panels provided the optimum solution.