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Candela Lofts

This project won 2019 LEED Project of the Year

Finish: Smooth Matt
Location: Hobroken, New Jersey
Architect: Nastasi Architect

We are thrilled this project was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council of New Jersey’s LEED Project of the Year Award 2019. Featuring our Petrarch Panels with the help of-
Installer and Fabricator: BAMCO inc.
Architect: Nastasi Architects

‘On the site of a former candelabra factory, this project pays homage to the era before electricity, establishing a new threshold for comprehensive sustainability, advanced energy modeling, integrated building systems and progressive building envelopes.

Designed as the first multi-family, luxury Passive House project in the United States, the building sets the standard for the integration of building science and uncompromised architectural design.’

Beautifully photography helps, however it’s clear to see how our Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding panels offer a contemporary edge. Crisp blue skies capture the natural nuances within the cladding panel.

‘A seven-story reinforced concrete core is enclosed by an air-tight and continuous wrapper of insulation, ultimately finished with a variegated stone rainscreen. Deep, oversized recessed openings offer a warm, sunlit interior. Progressively designed ventilation systems provide a constant supply of filtered fresh air resulting in superior indoor air quality.

Mechanically, Candela Lofts consumes 91% less energy than a typical building. In 2019, the project was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council of New Jersey’s LEED Project of the Year Award for residential passive house.’

Project details, courtesy of Nastasti Architects: