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Our new Petrarch reconstituted stone Technical Brochure is FINALLY ready

We’ve been pretty busy just recently developing our Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding marketing material. We’re now very happy to reveal our new Petrarch Technical Brochure. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve had numerous renditions.

Inside, as well as featuring detailed explanations as to how our reconstituted stone cladding is made, we also showcase the various fixing options available. (Accompanied with some very impressive 3D renders, thanks to our talented Technical Manager)

And though it may be a technical brochure, we’ve thrown a fair few project images in there too – just to make it even more beautiful.

‘I cannot tell you how pleased I am to finally have our Petrarch Technical brochure ready. It is like my daily reference bible. I am asked endless times a day for a copy. And now, well I can quickly send it over when I’m requested. It’s been a labour of love, but we got there in the end.’
Juan Barato, Technical Manager.