APS offers a Helping Hand with BBA certified Downer framing.

At APS we’re well known for our premium cladding solutions, such as our very own, UK manufactured Petrarch cladding; yet it seems our BBA certified Downer  framing solutions need some awareness. Hence why we’re taking the time to do exactly this. Our Downer framing, the ‘original’ Helping Hand system offers a whole host of versatile framing and cladding fixing options and carrier rail systems.

 BBA certified framing solutions

In today’s competitive facade market architects and contractors need to be sure that the building materials they specify offer exacting technical standards and meet the toughest criteria. At Architectural Panel Solutions we invest extensively in testing and certification to ensure our cladding framing systems deliver that assurance.

BBA certification denotes the quality, safety and reliability’ of the UK’s leading construction products. Our updated certification applies to our entire range of Downer and Helping Hand framing solutions – designed to be used as a sub-frame to support cladding on external or internal wall structures of new or existing buildings.

Product highlight: BBA certified Downer framing illustration created by our very skilled Juan Barato.

Designed  to  exacting  BBA standards

‘BBA certification gives our clients the assurance that they can specify our Downer framing and original Helping Hand framing solutions in absolute confidence and demonstrates our solutions have met the rigorous testing standards of BBA.’

Tom Walker, Business Development Manager, South.

Special thanks for a great team effort

“It’s been a really busy and demanding time recently at APS. We’ve invested in intensive CWTC testing programmes and BBA updates during the height of COVID – so clearly a challenge. I just want to take a moment to thank our team for their enormous efforts. With particular thanks to Juan Barato for his excellent 3D rendering skills and technical brochure development. ”

Pete Brough, Head of UK & Europe, Architectural Panel Solutions

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