Petrarch unlocks the potential of its very own brand!

We’ve been busy just recently, unlocking the potential of our own brand.

Our Petrarch reconstituted stone cladding has been tested and trusted by architects and contractors worldwide for near on 50 years, so it was about time we showed it a little love.

There’s a new ‘old’ HERO in town.

An elegant and modern font, appropriately named ‘Hero’, takes centre stage and injects a contemporary edge, whilst fresh, on-trend accent colours in orange and yellow serve to highlight the numerous colour options available with Petrarch and also add even more dynamism.

Our ‘unlocking’ of our brands potential has gone one step further… Not only are we really pleased to reveal our new updated logo and font, we’re also proud to unveil a dedicated Petrarch website:

Featuring everything you could possibly need and want to know about our reconstituted stone cladding; from technical information, guides, brochures, colour and texture swatches, to easy sample ordering and even a booking system… we’ve already incorporated so much, yet there’s plenty more planned, and will be sharing that with you as and when those sexy new things are built and ready to launch.

Our director Pete Brough, had this to say about our latest developments.

‘I have to say when we began with this brand update I was a little reticent, I wasn’t sure we needed it. However, now when I see how it’s evolved so impressively, I am really pleased and honestly proud of how our brand is visually represented and feel that it will certainly help our distributors too, when it comes to communicating the premium values of Petrarch. Apparently there is a whole suite of template material being created too. The best brands never stand still, and well, I like to think we’re up there. I hope our clients like it just as much.’

We feel that this update captures everything we want to communicate about our reconstituted stone rainscreen, Petrarch. It’s refined, contemporary, yet punchy with it, and with a font name like ‘Hero’, well it lives up to its name.

If anyone would like a copy of our latest brand guidelines, please get in touch –