Montieth Street – Petrarch Panels

Location: 10 Monthieth Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Client: The Rabsky Group
Architect: ODA Architects
Size: 450000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Francesco Asaro, Kristina Kesler, Jason Bourgeois, Hadas Brayer, Brian Lee, Piotr Lewicki, Kevin O’Connor, Carolina Rodriguez Gonzalez, Heidi Theunissen, Audrey Topp, Nathan Tunkelrot, Sudarshan Venkatraman, Brona Waldron, Karen Evans, Kate Samuels, Yongchun Choi, Seungbum Ma.

A magnificent design, inspired by connectivity & accessibility

Brought to you from the US arm of our business, Omnis Panels Inc, 10 Montieth Street is a captivating and contemporary, 7 storey mixed-use residential and commercial project.

With a design brief centred around ‘connectivity and accessibility,’ ODA Architects have expertly realised this fantastic mix-use project which features an impressive landscaped rooftop and picturesque inner courtyard.’ Visually, it’s clearly more than on-point with its expansive modern and bright facade, punctuated with contrasting bold window insets. 10 Montieth Street is a breathtaking showcase for our reconstituted stone cladding; Petrarch.

Embodying the spirit of Petrarch’s strapline perfectly, this is a prime example of how our engineered stone panels are ‘changing the face of living and working spaces’ everywhere. Set in the desirable neighbourhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, 10 Montieth is a monolithic Petrarch panel project which takes up an entire block. A real delight to behold it’s designed in a unique modular style, boasting one and two bedroom apartments with eye-catching cascading terraces.

The design concept – in the words of ODA Architects

The present wave of urban renewal in Bushwick gives us not only the opportunity but the responsibility to adjust old modes of living to our current ways of life,” said Eran Chen, founder of ODA. “We aim to discover new territories that will attract the growing demands of a young demographic, creating a strong sense of community and providing the kind of housing forms we all dream of.”

The epitome of urban living, here, living space extends beyond each apartment’s four walls with ample outdoor space: the sloping rooftop garden is primed for group activities or moments of solitude while the inner courtyards serve as unexpected urban retreats.

‘Where most residential cladding projects play it safe, 10 Montieth breaks the mold. The O-shaped height is lowered in key areas to increase sunlight exposure for the courtyard and interior facades while tethering the building to the community with a scaled down vertical footprint. Similarly, the sloped roof creates unique points of access from the top levels of the building and the structure’s shape allows for views of Manhattan from street-facing and inner courtyard apartments. A living, breathing canvas of expression for its residents and community, 10 Montieth is the ideal address for New York’s next wave of visionaries.’

‘We’re so pleased to see our Petrarch panels being used on worldwide projects, and are proud to now boast such an extensive and dedicated team of distributors. It’s refreshing to find just how diverse the demand is too; from healthcare and education, through to residential and commercial sectors – where premium aesthetics and dependable resistance are needed, Petrarch is proven to perform.’

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